The Little Pennies Pre-School
Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
Registered Charity no. 1137622
Tel: 01725 552997
January 2016 awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted

Ofsted News

January 2016 awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.
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New Play AreaNew Play Area

About Little Pennies

The Little Pennies Pre-School was established more than 30 years ago by local mothers. Today we are run as a private company with a Board of Trustees made up of mostly parents of children attending the setting.

Although this is the case, we have full charity status and run on a professional basis in order to meet the current OFSTED requirements from whom we have had many successful reports. These can be viewed at We are also visited regularly by an Early Years Adviser from Sure start. Our SEND Local Offer is availble here.

We are situated at the Sixpenny Handley 1st School where we have full use of the facilities including a safe outdoor play area with climbing apparatus, sand pit, play house and a range of ride-on toys.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every individual should be respected and that they, in turn, learn to respect their environment  and those around them. Each child is given the encouragement to listen to and talk to others, take turns during play, co-operate to achieve a positive outcome and to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

With this we have created a happy and caring environment. Children are often seen helping each other, for example with aprons, coats and holding the door for each other, without the need for adult guidance.

Every child is unique and we respect their individuality and help them to see themselves as an important part of the group. This is achieved through close co-operation with parents and guardians and our belief that all children should be given equal access and opportunities to experience high quality early years education. In doing this we can ensure the best possible start to their learning experience.

We also encourage each child to gain independence in their basic care such as using the toilet with confidence, washing their hands when necessary, and putting on and taking off their own coats and aprons. At snack time the children are able to pour their own drink, and when it is their turn to be the ‘special helper’ for the day they can set the table along with other small fun tasks such as finding out what the weather is doing that day and to be the first in the line to go outside ect.

These important aspects of their development help them become confident in their own abilities and therefore become confident learners.


This setting aims to provide a fully inclusive environment for all people. We are committed to promoting equality, valuing and celebrating diversity and preventing discrimination.

Any incidents of discrimination will be recorded and challenged in such a way as to promote a positive outcome.

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